Western Matinee!!! Angel and the Badman

By Image Quilt Productions (other events)

Saturday, October 14 2017 1:00 PM 3:00 PM

Love the Western genre?  See a Western with us today.  $5 Ticket includes free popcorn today.   

About Angel and the Badman...

Quite possibly the most unique and “high-brow” Western that John Wayne ever starred in, this was also the first one he made in the role of producer, after the studio set him up with his own production company. When Wayne’s character, Quirt Evans, is wounded outside the home of a Quaker family, he is taken in and nursed back to health, with particular attention paid to him by their sheltered yet attractive daughter. Evans is enticed by the family’s pacifist ways, but his outlaw past soon catches up with him. Great performances by Wayne and Gail Russel, as well as Harry Carey, Bruce Cabot and Paul Hurst.